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Christmas books to read at bedtime

Christmas magic at bed time

At Monkey Buttons we love books!

This Christmas I am going to wrap books to go under the christmas tree. Each night before bed your child can choose one book to unwrap and read at bedtime with you. This set will have 12 books. We also have set of 24 books. 

Each book is lovely and good quality (they are normally $15-20 each) but for 12 books they will be around $6 each including giftwrapping.

The books will suit children from a year to about 7 years old and will be a mix of titles.  You can see some of the range here

All orders will be sent out by courier on the 25th of November so you don't have to hide them for too long!

We will also do a set of 24 books as well.

Previous year's books were a mix of the books below, each years books will be different so you don't double up, but just as cool:

  1. Silent Night
  2. Silly Moo Moo
  3. Dinosaur Sleepover
  4. Cub's First Summer
  5. Gruff the Grump
  6. Little Bear and the Wishing Tree
  7. Penguins Can't Fly
  8. Small Mouse Big City
  9. Fred
  10. The Great Grizzly North
  11. Oodles of Noodles
  12. Bed Time Billy Bear!
  13. Blast Off!
  14. Cat and Canary
  15. Monsters, Witches And Bogeymen
  16. Magic Little Christmas Tree
  17. The Witch with a Twitch
  18. A Monster in the House
  19. That Yucky Love Thing
  20. Gator
  21. Bear's Magic Moon
  22. The Grunt and the Grouch
  23. The Tickety Tale Teller
  24. When I'm A Grown Up
  25. Bouncy Bouncy Bedtime
  26. The Yawning Game
  27. Detective Ted and The Case Of The Missing Cookies
  28. Poggle and the Birthday Present
  29. Tamara Small and the Monster's Ball
  30. Countdown to Christmas
  31. Hurry Up Birthday
  32. By The Light of the Moon
  33. Little Friend
  34. What Bear Likes Best!
  35. Where is Coco Going?
  36. The Not So Aboniable Snowman
  37. Meerkat's Mohican
  38. Hold Tight
  39. Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the Really Dreadful Spell
  40. The Wishing Star
  41. Laura's Star and the Search for Santa
  42.  Two bad teddies
  43.  Bob’s best ever friend
  44. Topsy and Tim Learn to Swim
  45.  Bruno’s box Dinosaur more
  46. Kevin Saves the world
  47. Bridget’s book of Nursery Rhymes
  48. Ruby & Leonard the great surprise
  49. Topsy and Tim Go on a Train
  50. The biggest kiss
  51.  The perfect hug
  52. Silent Night
  53. Hush Hush
  54.  Paddy the Police car
  55.  Topsy and Tim Have a Birthday Party
  56.   The Loud book
  57. The quiet book
  58. Topsy and Tim Go to the Zoo 
  59. The Great Sheep Shenanigans
  60.  The Slurpy burpy bear
  61.  Toot Toot, Beep Beet
  62. Time for bed
  63.  Welcome to Alien School
  64. Wilbee the Bumble Bee
  65. Topsy and Tim Start School
  66.  Rescue - Tommy Tow Truck 
  67.  Kisses for daddy
  68. The Gruffalos child
  69. Topsy and Tim go camping
  70.  Topsy and Tim The New Baby
  71. Wonkey Donkey
  72. Topsy and Tim Go on an Aeroplane
  73.  The Gruffalo
  74.  Peppa pig at the Dentist
  75. Topsy and Tim Go to the Dentist        
  76. Topsy and Tim At the Farm
  77. Rescue - Simon the Sea plane
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