Safe Sippy 2

Safe Sippy 2

Date: August 2013

Product Tester:  Jessica B

Product: Safe Sippy2


When I first opened the packet on our brand new safe sippy I was a little apprehensive because it’s quite big! How am I supposed to use this with my little baby who is just starting solids.

However I was pleasantly surprised! The first time I tried it I realised how well it is actually designed. It has a great wee curve on the drinking spout so when my little girl is having a drink, since she is still learning what to do, its great because I can just tip it a little bit and it just trickles into her mouth. Yay no drowning the baby! Its also great because it has flexi rubber on the outside which makes it easy for me to hold so it doesn’t slip and this will be great for when she gets bigger and is able to hold it herself. I also really liked that is has all the added extras of a straw and handles that you can take on and off which means it can grow with your baby. It also has a great “plug” that you can pop inside the lid so that it doesn’t spill on trips! (You just have to remember to take it out haha)

Overall I think this bottle is really cool and comes in some great colours, I would definately go and buy one of these myself!