Momo Sleep Training Clock

Momo Baby Zoo Sleep Training Clock - customer product review

Baby Zoo Momo Sleep Training Clock

Date: September 2013

Product Tester:  Abbie M

Product: Baby Zoo Sleep Training Clock


An update with the sleep clock.......

Mr 4 was very excited when it arrived! We set the time and explained that while Momo had his eyes closed, it meant that it was time for him to be sleeping! He promptly wanted to go to bed!! So at bedtime off he went with the monkey clock! Getting up early isn't really a problem in this house but going to bed, I need all the help I can get with this wee night owl! We also waited for the change over with daylight savings as you suggested. Again, going forward one hour made bedtime more difficult but with the sleep clock, things were definitely easier! Also it has been waking him up earlier than he would naturally wake so again bedtime is a little easier. Only negatives would be that mr 2 has already got hold of it and broken the back cover that conceals the controls. Not a biggie as it doesn't affect the function but maybe try to keep away from little fingers! And I also find the ticking of the clock annoying...... not that mr 4 has noticed but maybe an issue for a really light sleeper?

All in all a great product!!!! Recommend to anyone having sleep issues!!