Buddy Gel Ice pack

Date:  June 2013

Product Tester: Jo B

Product: Buddy Ice Pack


Monkey Buttons gave me a snowman Buddy Gel Pack to review. This is ideal for my household with two preschoolers of my own plus doing homebased childcare. The children were curious about it as soon as I opened the parcel and I don't blame them. He is very cute. I put him in the fridge and waited for a child to hurt themselves.

The first time it was needed was when my youngest daughter was a bit rough with her big sister. While I was cuddling the injured party I sent the guilty party to the fridge for the snowman. Once the snowman was on the sore arm the tears stopped. It was like giving her a teddy bear but I also knew it would help ease the physical as well as the emotional discomfort.

The snowman wasn't as cold from the fridge as an ice pack would be from the fridge. This meant that it was able to be applied straight on the skin but it also wasn't as cold as I would expect an ice pack. It was more of an instant distraction until I could get the frozen peas onto it for big bumps. For minor bumps it is perfect.

I am pleased we have the snowman rather than the ambulance. I can tell a child to get the snowman without confusion. If I said to a child (or worse an adult that didn't know about the buddy gel pack) to get the ambulance we may end up with the emergency services being called for a tiny bump.

It is also great to know that if I pop it in the microwave or warm water to give me a heat pack for aches and pains or even just to warm my hands. I'll need a second one so I can have one in each pocket on a cold day. It is great that the contents are non-toxic especially around young kids. The best thing about it is the kids love it and prefer it over a an ice pack from the freezer which I could never keep on them for more than a couple of seconds.