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Baby Zoo Music Player

Date:  Feb 2013

Product Tester: Kerryn

Product: Baby Zoo Music Player


  • Initial impressions are that it looks like a great product, fairly sturdy for little man hands to touch and use.
  • It won't work when charging - while usually not too big an issue very upsetting for 2yr old who is desperate to see what it does! Haha
  • Nothing to hold the base panel in place = if J saw it he'd be able to open it fairly easily and remove the USB.
  • the nightlight is at a great brightness - not too bright; perfect to see which buttons are which in the dark without being too intrusive or distracting when getting little one to sleep.
  • sound level is great; it has a two sound level option switch at the base and each setting also has a degree of loudness with a button on the top. The loudest setting is quite loud!
  • Our little boy is very energetic; it has survived being dropped and 'thrown' and not a scratch! Very sturdy and great quality.
  • Verdict? I'd buy one!