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Sept 13 - Darren

Thanks Monkey Buttons for the speedy delivery and great service, the mini me's are extremely happy with their cushion covers

Aug 13 - Mandy

Thanks for the amazing customer service! So super impressed - I wish all companies were like you guys! Prompt communication, wonderful gift wrapping and very cute card! I'm looking forward to giving the special gift to my friend. Thanks again!

July 13 - Rocky

Thank you for your absolutely amazing service when I purchased from your website!!! Best service ever!!

June 13 - Bets

Yay just got my order - LOVE IT - the baby is going to be super snuggly and warm when I wrap him up in it!!
p.s thanks for the little treat 

Feb 2013 - Sarah

Hi Mel

Thank you so much for getting the sleep training clock out to me so quickly. It's been a sanity saver.  After 3 nights momo has become part of the family.  He goes to "sleep" during story time and that sets the scene for bedtime.  We wouldn't want to wake up momo would we ? ;)

In the morning little feet stay in bed until momo wakes up. It's been such a success we are now getting this one for our youngest. Maybe I'll get a sleep in this weekend?

A girl can dream right!!



Jan 2013 - Deborah

Hi Mel

I'm very impressed with the site and also the service!!  It's always nice to find new online stores to shop at...thank goodness for google.  i'll definitely be adding you to my favourites and checking out the site on a regular basis to see what other neat things you have for sale.

I know a couple of girls in my coffee group are looking to get the solid starter pack so I am going to give them the link to your site so they can have a looksee.

Thanks once again