Cozy Plush Microwavable heat pack and bed warmer

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Children's heat packs

Soft and plush (and totally adorable!) heat packs for children. They are absolutely adorable as a cuddly toy, but children adore them even more when they can snuggle up against their comforting heat on cold nights. These are suitable for children 3+

Different animals to choose from:

  • Lady Bird

  • Bumble Bee

  • Yoohoo (blue and white striped tail)

  • Chewoo (red panda)

These are 30cm in size and have lovely little podgy bellies and bodies

How do they work?

Cozy Plush heat packs work in the same way as an ordinary, rectangular style heat pack you can find almost anywhere ... except these are soooo much cuter!  Weighing around 900 grams, your child will love the 'real' feeling and weight of their new little friend.

To use, simply heat in your microwave for up to 2 minutes  and they'll radiate a gorgeous comforting and soothing heat for several hours.  It is very important that you do not heat the pack for longer than two minutes, and that you follow all safety instructions.

Heat packs for kids are handy to have around:

  • 'preheat' your childs bedding before they head off to bed (oh so cosy in winter!)

  • heat and use to comfort during periods of illness or sickness

  • heat and cuddle when it's cold - take it to bed, snuggle with it on the couch or in a bean bag reading a story

  • heat and relax sore muscles - a quick remedy to help soothe growing pains!

  • You can also chill your heat pack and use it as a cold pack for aches and pains or to help cool your child on hot days. Just put it inside a bag and leave it in the freezer for 2-3 hours.

Are these heat packs safe?

A microwavable heat pack when used correctly is much safer than using a hot water bottle  as it does not leak.

  • All Cozy Plush heat packs feature a quality construction with extra strong seams using microwave safe threads
  • Unlike home-made or handmade heat packs, the fabrics used have been specifically designed and created for microwave use.
  • They are microwave safe, have been flammability and safety tested and meet or exceed all relevant safety standards.
  • There are always safety concerns about babies overheating, so for this reason Cozy Plush bedwarmers are more suited for children 3 years and over.
  • You can of course use your heat pack to warm your babies cold sheets in winter (heat it up, then remove before putting baby to bed), but never leave it in the cot with your baby unattended.

What's inside?

Each bedwarmer is filled with natural grains and gently scented with 100% natural dried lavender flowers, with use the lavender will fade, but can be refreshed

To clean your child's bedwarmer wipe over the surface with a damp sponge and air dry thoroughly


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